Our History

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Who are we? Nil By Mouth (NBM) is a Scottish charity which seeks to challenge sectarianism wherever it manifests itself in society. NBM was set up by Glasgow teenager Cara Henderson in response to the brutal sectarian murder of her … Continued

Mission Statement

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These core principles provide a platform from which the campaign can build on its achievements and continue to play a leading role in the development of initiatives to challenge Sectarianism in Scottish society. The campaign reached its 10 year anniversary … Continued

Get Involved

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For over have a decade we have been campaigning against sectarianism in Scotland. We have been active in the media, engaged policy makers, successfully lobbied Government and delivered hundreds of workshops in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces across Scotland. None … Continued

School Accreditation Scheme

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School Accreditation Scheme Our ‘Champions for Change’ accreditation scheme provides, an exciting opportunity for schools to celebrate their anti-sectarianism work and have best practice recognised. It was launched at Stonelaw High School in Rutherglen in October 2011 and this short … Continued

Nil By Mouth – Scotland’s Leading Anti-Sectarian Charity

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Nil By Mouth currently offer their services free of charge. However, should you wish to donate to the charity you can do so by clicking the ‘Donate’ button or contact us directly. Donations we receive will enable us to deliver in schools, … Continued


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‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ Workplace Project Sectarianism in Scotland goes far beyond the football terraces and can be found in our homes, communities and workplaces. Indeed, over recent years we have received a growing number of requests for advice and … Continued


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I don’t know if she was purposefully putting him on the spot, but just recently someone asked one of our very new volunteers – “So how do you go about impacting change within an established society which has very ingrained … Continued

Bigotry Battle Brought to Westminster

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Scotland’s leading anti-sectarianism charity has taken its battle to banish bigotry to Westminster. On the 9th July we teamed up with MPs to promote its work at a special event for at the House of Commons sponsored by Kilmarnock & Louden … Continued

Sectarianism thrives when it is left to lurk in shadows

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by Dave Scott, published in the Inside Track, Herald, Friday 3 January 2014 Last month saw the publication of the long awaited Morrow Report providing Scottish Ministers with advice and perspective on the future direction of anti-sectarianism policy. One of … Continued

Businesses urged to stamp out sectarianism

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Leading anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth are offering workshops as part of its ‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ workplace project. The scheme, which has been highly successful since its launch in 2011, has delivered workshops to numerous organisations including Network Rail, Street … Continued

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