Learning together at a Nil by Mouth school workshop
Learning together at a Nil by Mouth school workshop
* Please Note:  Availability for workshops outwith our Champions for Change Award scheme is limited. For more information on the award and how to get involved please click here*

Nil by Mouth workshops and assemblies focus on raising awareness of the issues surrounding sectarianism within our society. Our interactive approach aims to draw out personal attitudes, views and experiences while encouraging people to challenge sectarianism in their own lives and in wider society.

Our workshops and presentations are delivered FREE OF CHARGE to schools and youth groups in Scotland. We also consider requests from other organisations to work with them either on a one-off basis or on anti-sectarian projects. Teachers are encouraged to use our workshops and materials as a support resource for wider projects exploring the issue of sectarianism. Education on sectarianism can be approached through a variety of subjects such as Drama, Art, English, History, Religious and Social Studies.

Our workshop sessions typically last around 90 minutes and utilise active learning techniques to link closely with Curriculum for Excellence.

We can also offer assemblies and presentations designed to fit within timetabled class periods.

We cater for upper primary and secondary audiences and offer a flexible approach to our delivery based on the requirements of each school.

We found the work with ‘Nil by Mouth’ very worthwhile. We felt that it helped raise awareness of the issues surrounding sectarianism within our society as well as addressing personal attitudes, views and experiences.The teachers involved used the workshop and materials as a support resource for a wider project exploring the issue of sectarianism as well as using the novel ‘Divided City’. Pupils now have a better understanding of sectarianism and difference. Working in partnership with our local denominational school has strengthened that relationship and team-building skills were developed between both schools and pupils.

Carol Flemming, Headteacher Bent Primary School

For more information or to book a FREE workshop please contact us at education@nilbymouth.org or 0141 418 7194


Nil By Mouth currently offer their services free of charge. However, should you wish to donate to the charity you can do so by clicking the ‘Donate’ button or contact us directly. Donations we receive will enable us to deliver in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces without cost for as long as possible.

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