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School Accreditation Scheme

Our ‘Champions for Change’ accreditation scheme provides, an exciting opportunity for schools to celebrate their anti-sectarianism work and have best practice recognised.

It was launched at Stonelaw High School in Rutherglen in October 2011 and this short film was made to mark the occasion:

‘Champions for Change’ provides a framework for developing work in schools and support for staff, pupils and parents in their efforts to create a more tolerant Scotland.

Accreditation is assessed across eight areas which seek to promote a holistic approach to tackling sectarianism across a school community –

  • An ethos where rights are respected and a culture of responsible citizenship is given high priority.
  • Young people who show confidence, commitment and responsibility in developing the skills required to appropriately challenge sectarianism.
  • Evidence of an active inter-denominational partnership in challenging sectarianism involving staff, pupils and parents across the local community.
  • A leadership team who are fully committed to developing a school community free from sectarianism through policy, staff training and curriculum.
  • Evidence of an on-going commitment to embedding anti sectarian education across the curriculum.
  • Evidence of working in partnership with anti-sectarian organisations, such as Nil By Mouth.
  • Young people who are actively involved in addressing sectarianism and promoting equalities in the local community.
  • Specific procedures which are actively promoted throughout the school community in recording and dealing with incidents of a sectarian nature.

We will assist any school looking to take part by:

  • Supporting  their anti-sectarianism work
  • providing workshops free of charge
  • evaluating work throughout the school year
  • providing awards and certificates to schools who achieve either ‘Level 1’ or ‘Level 2’ Champions for Change status

To find out how your school can take part please e-mail us at or call 0141 418 7194

Download our flyer here


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