While we are more than happy to work with individual schools to tackle sectarianism in Scotland, Nil By Mouth prides itself on the work we do with neighbouring schools who work together on the issue. Whether an existing partnership or a new venture, we are always happy to work with schools who work together across denominations, building friendships rather than walls.

From simply joining forces for a Nil By Mouth workshop to joint football stadium tours to world record attempts, we would be delighted to help and support any inter denominational school partnership.

To discuss this further or for more information you can email us at education@nilbymouth.org

For ideas and inspiration, listed below are some case studies from of few inter-school partnerships that we have worked with over the years.

Buddies Programme

Cairns & St Cadoc’s Primary Schools

Condorrat Together Project

Glencairn & St John’s Primary Schools

South Lanarkshire Schools World Record Attempt