Neeps and Tatties

A morality tale for vegetables and other living things

(‘servit in Scots wi a wee tait o English’)


‘Nobody even remembers why or when the trouble started,  but the poor Neeps and Tatties are stuck in a miserable age old animosity.

Things only get worse and worse – until the wise old Haggis comes to town, singing his songs of healing.’


Brilliantly written by American author Carey Morning and beautifully illustrated by Anna York , Neeps and Tatties is a heart-warming tale of how our courage and innocence can lead us beyond enmity and into the delights of togetherness. As well as being a celebration of Scots it powerfully shows how we can build bridges higher than walls and how past grudge and grievance can be washed away by the dreams of tomorrow.


‘Neeps and Tatties’ is supported by Nil by Mouth and hundreds of copies of the book were snapped up by schools within hours of them being made available in January 2021. It has since been enjoyed in more than 200 schools across 25 local authority areas with copies also being donated to libraries across Scotland. An online version of the story has been downloaded thousands of times thanks to support from the Scots Language Centre. In Autumn 2021 the book will be made freely available to schools across Scotland and a series of special promotional events, readings and activities are being planned for the autumn.




Broadcaster and Scots Language Activist Ally Heather has given his full support to the book.


Broadcaster Ally Heather is backing the book.

Ally said: “Nil by Mouth have gied oot hunners o these smashin books, an reached oot tae even mair schools wi digital versions.

“They will hae aa sorts o positive impacts. At the core o this smashin new buik is a vital tale o acceptance; the celebration o freenship ower fratricide, britherhood ower bigotry.

“It’s a tale weel worth the telling. “It’s in Scots, which gies it mair weight, especially in the Scots hertlands north o the Tay.

“Scots is often the tounge o the hame. By makkin this story in the Mother Tongue, there’s a better chance o its message bein tane on by the bairns.”



A limited number of copies are currently available for individual purchase at £6.99 – including postage. Contact for details.