Nil by Mouth is a registered Scottish Charity (SC030375), existing for the sole purpose of achieving a society free from sectarianism where cultural and religious diversity is respected and celebrate by everyone. We believe that Scotland can succeed in this goal if we unite together to tackle the problem as a nation.

Nil by Mouth is concerned with the destructive social impact that sectarianism has upon our lives and upon our society.

Nil by Mouth is based in Glasgow and works throughout Scotland.

Nil by Mouth is not a religious organisation.

Nil by Mouth is about challenging intolerance and prejudice

Nil by Mouth provides awareness raising workshops to schools, workplaces and other groups.

Nil by Mouth works in partnership with a variety of organisations and has been involved in a multitude of anti-sectarian projects over the years.

Nil by Mouth is a small organisation largely comprised of a group of volunteers who give freely of their time, skills and experience.

Nil by Mouth has been a registered charity since 2000, and believes there is more work to be done.

On this website, you can:

  • let us know that you support our aims
  • find information on sectarianism in Scotland
  • find out about our charity and the services that we offer
  • find out how to contact us
  • find out about volunteering with us
  • make a charitable donation to help us continue our work

More Information regarding sectarianism and Nil By Mouth: