East End Football club Glasgow Saints are standing up to be counted.

As Nil by Mouth marks its 20th anniversary players, committee members and fans of an East End football club have donned their running shoes to raise funds for the charity.

Dennistoun based Glasgow Saints FC, are keen to play their part in bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate the diversity of Glasgow. Players and volunteers will run an ‘Ultra Marathon’ of 838 KMs – the distance between the grounds of all 12 SPFL Premier League Clubs – over the next two weeks to raise money for Nil by Mouth’s ‘Champions for Change’ schools programme.

GSFC are committed to combining grassroots football with community and charity work from its players, supporters and volunteers. The club believe that Lockdown has confined people to their homes, brought about an end to social groups and clubs, and further divided our communities. Separation feeds suspicion and the danger of a shift in focus towards an ‘us and them’ mentality becomes very real.

With this in mind they have decided to fundraise for an anti-discrimination cause. They understand that Nil by Mouth was set up after the brutal sectarian murder of Mark Scott in and that the attitudes that claimed Mark’s life still linger in our city. The charity is delighted that all involved are prepared to give so much energy and commitment to the cause.

If you want to help the Saints reach their target you can donate at: