August 16 2019

Daniel Gray reads from his work at a Nil by Mouth event in the Scottish Borders

With the new school year starting, Nil by Mouth are back in classrooms with our message that Scotland is bigger, better and bolder than bigotry. Through our ‘Champions for Change’ education programme we work with more than 6,000 pupils every year and we have a few new tricks up our sleeve for 2019/20, kicking off with a special guest.

Thanks to our partnership with the Scottish Book Trust we are delighted to be working with acclaimed author and broadcaster Daniel Gray on a creative writing project with Higher English students.

Daniel is the author of a number of books including the ‘Delights’ series and Stramash: Tackling Scotland’s Towns and Teamsa travelogue which takes him across 12 Scottish towns and teams. As well as appearing on STV’s People’s History Show, Daniel has been nominated twice for Saltire Awards for his books ‘This is Scotland’ and ‘Homage to Caledonia.’

This programme will require three periods – one for Nil by Mouth staff to present and a double period for Daniel to work with pupils.

These sessions involve Daniel introducing the concept of ‘delights’, short, reflective written pieces about the simple pleasures people take from life (The sound of rain on a tent, seeing a brightly-lit Christmas tree through a window, getting home to the smell of a parent’s cooking…) and the way in which they can unite people. Daniel does this by introducing pupils to his own ‘delights’ series of books (published by Bloomsbury), explaining the inspiration for them and the process of imagination, writing and editing that goes into his work giving pupils a unique insight into the work of an author and the publishing process.

Pupils are then encouraged to come up with their own ‘delights’ in class, with input from Daniel, and share them with others. You can find out more about Daniel and his work at:

While support from the Scottish Book Trust means this programme is available to high schools free of charge places are limited. To apply to participate in the programme contact Dave Scott at by 1st September 2019 or drop us a line for more information.