17 December 2019

Kevin receives his award from Nil By Mouth Education Officer Jamie Lithgow

A big-hearted Airdrie schoolboy has put on his running shoes to raise money for schools to tackle sectarianism across the country.

Kevin Hornal, from P7 from St Andrew’s Primary in Airdrie raised £115 for leading equalities charity Nil by Mouth by running a 10k earlier this year alongside his mum.  Kevin was inspired to raise funds for Nil by Mouth after the charity began working with his school and Golfhill Primary as part of its nationwide ‘Champions for Change’ programme. This week the charity visited St Andrew’s to present Kevin with a special award in honour of his fundraising achievements.

Nil by Mouth was set up by Glasgow teenager Cara Henderson in response to the brutal sectarian murder of her school friend Mark Scott in 1995 as he made his way home from a football match in the city.  Over the years the charity has worked with more than 100,000 people in schools, colleges, workplaces and communities across Scotland. More than 6,000 pupils have participated in its ‘Champions for Change’ programme during 2019 including hundreds from North Lanarkshire schools. There is no cost for any school or pupil to take part in the programme thanks to the sterling efforts of people like Kevin raising money for the project.

Nil by Mouth Education Officer Jamie Lithgow said:
‘It’s truly humbling when someone like Kevin decides to go to such lengths to support our work. Nil by Mouth was set up by a teenager so we are well aware of the power of young people to change the world. ‘Champions for Change’ is all about bringing people together to celebrate and better understand the things that make us different and encourage participants to find their voice on the issues that matter to them. We would like to thank Kevin and his family for taking part in the 10k and raising the money which will go toward ensuring our schools programme remains free of charge into 2020.