January 30 2019

Last week Nil by Mouth worked with New Lanarkshire College staff across three of its campuses in Coatbridge, Motherwell and Cumbernauld as part of our ‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ programme.

New Lanarkshire College emphasises the importance of staff and students being able to engage in meaningful and innovative ways. The college has been awarded ‘Best In the UK’ on three different occasions at the World-Skills UK contest while dedicating many days of the year to celebrating all kinds of events such as World Aids and Human Rights Day which form part of its ‘Equality and Diversity’ programme.

‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ is a campaign set up in order to help management and staff in workplaces deal with any sectarian issues which may arise. The programme includes policy advice, training, workshops and one-to-one counselling and support all over Scotland. The programme is offered for free thanks to support from the Scottish Government and allows for the issue of bigotry inside the workplace to be discussed and in turn diminished.

The programme has been a great success with more than 120 workplaces taking part and well in excess of 10,000 employees taking part in workshops. Sometimes it is easier to pass a comment off as ‘banter’ but Nil by Mouth are here to support and encourage anti-sectarian behaviour at work. Everyone deserves to feel protected and confident at work, which is why we were grateful to staff who attended across all three campuses of New Lanarkshire College.

Steph welcomes NBM Director Dave Scott to the College

Nil by Mouth director Dave Scott said:

“It was a great experience being able to visit 3 of New Lanarkshire College campuses and engage with their staff on addressing issues of bigotry in the workplace. People often disregard the workplace as somewhere to be subject to sectarian comments, so to be able to bring our programme to this college was a great success. It was a pleasure to work with the college staff who generously gave their time and attention to our issue.”

Stephanie Kirkham, Equality and Diversity Advisor at New College:

“Big thanks to Nil by Mouth for committing to 3 sessions over 2 days. It was a busy but well worth 2 days where we managed to get Equality and Diversity messages out there.”