March 4 2019

Nil By Mouth are delighted to have recently been invited to the very first ‘Society Matters’ Social Science conference, which took place at the Kilmarnock Campus of Ayrshire College on 28 February.

Guest speakers offered thought provoking insights into contemporary and historical issues that together provide a focus and understanding of how modern society has been shaped by culture, psychology, history, feminism, sociology, religion and political movements.

Chaired by Kenny Anderson, Director of Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) West, the event brought together invited speakers, staff, Social Science students from across campus, The Open University, SWAP, Nil By Mouth, Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights and the University of Strathclyde.

In recent years Nil By Mouth have worked frequently with Ayrshire College, most notably via the charity’s Pitch Perfect competition.

Pitch Perfect is an exciting marketing competition which gives further and higher education students the opportunity to create and design their very own anti-sectarian awareness campaign. The students involved can opt to use cutting edge technologies or more traditional methods of advertising but ultimately they must produce a campaign which stimulates and generates interest in Nil By Mouth’s campaign to challenge sectarianism in our society. In addition students get the chance to spend a real budget, plan a campaign and gain invaluable experience pitching to an independent panel of experts.

NBM Campaign Director, Dave Scott, with other speakers and staff at the Society Matters conference

Speaker David Scott, Campaign Director at Nil by Mouth inspired students and said:
“Our job as social scientists is about analysis, but it is also about action. Finding something you believe in, getting the evidence to support it and getting out and campaigning to achieve it.”

Open University student, Margo Ferguson who is studying towards a BA in Social Science in partnership with Ayrshire College said:
“The conference is a great opportunity to hear viewpoints right here in Ayrshire. It’s also been interesting to listen to the different speakers and see just how many careers can come from studying social science.”

Moira Birtwistle, Director of Learning; Business, IT, Sport, Fitness and Social Science said:
“Our ‘Society Matters’ conference brought together Social Science students and staff from all three campuses, creating a sense of community and providing a focus for social science debate enthused by our speakers and Chair. My thanks to all Social Science staff, students and the Marketing team for their support in delivering an excellent event.”