December 20 2018

NbM’s Emma Alexander hands over Kirsty’s Award at Glasgow Central Station

The efforts of a HR professional to encourage staff to think more deeply about sectarianism in society has been recognised by Nil by Mouth.

Kirsty Diamond, Human Resources Business Partner at Network Rail, was presented with a special ‘Champion for Change’ award by the charity in recognition of her efforts during 2018 to promote its work across the business.

Over the 12 months Kirsty has gone above and beyond the call of duty promoting Nil by Mouth’s Scottish Government backed ‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ programme which seeks to raise awareness of sectarianism in the workplace and provide managers, staff and trade unions with policy’s, workshops and awareness campaigns aimed at promoting tolerance and respect at work.

‘Faith and Belief’ is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 and Nil by Mouth have been keen to support employers in ensuring staff are made fully aware of both their rights and responsibilities in this area.

David Scott, Nil by Mouth Campaign Director, said:

Over the last 18 months Kirsty has been a real champion for this cause, securing a range of training opportunities across the Network Rail Scottish operation. In addition to arranging numerous training sessions, she has helped to achieve two big ‘firsts’ for the project – securing the first ‘nightshift’ training slot for us with an employer and working with a trade union partner directly in the workplace. Her commitment to promoting equalities across the workplace is an example of best practice. She is a worthy winner.”

Kirsty expresses her passion and dedication for the charity, and said:

I would just like to stress the importance I feel that this project has in today’s society. We have moved on slightly from 30 years ago but there is still a huge issue in Scotland and employers need to be more switched on to the problems this can cause. I am entirely grateful to the amazing work the team have been doing with Network Rail.”

More sessions will be held across Network Rail in the Scotland Route throughout next year. Since being launched in 2011 more than 13,000 staff have taken part in the Beyond Religion and Belief project from over 120 partner workplaces.

For more information on how to become involved e-mail: