February 9 2018

Pupils from Greenhill and St Patrick’s primary schools with Nil By Mouth Education Officer, Jamie Lithgow

Pupils from two primary schools in Coatbridge have joined forces with Nil By Mouth to defeat bigotry and raise awareness of sectarianism.

Pupils from Greenhill and St Patrick’s primary schools have recently engaged with the charity through a series of workshops and activities. Funded by The Gannochy Trust, the programme consisted of joint workshops which saw pupils investigate common stereotypes, the consequences of sectarian language and learned how differences should be celebrated rather than feared.

The Gannochy Trust have provided £10,000 to support Nil By Mouth’s ‘Champions for Change’ schools programme which sees thousands of pupils from across Scotland participate in workshops, sporting competitions and cultural activities together. A key part of the programme sees pupils from denominational and non-denominational schools link in with the charity to participate in a series of workshops exploring stereotypes, sectarianism, identity and misconceptions about religions and beliefs different to their own.

Nil By Mouth Education Officer, Jamie Lithgow said:

‘Greenhill and St Patrick’s have come together to work with Nil By Mouth at a time when both Primary 7 groups are studying Theresa Breslin’s novel Divided City. The novel follows the friendship between two young football fans of opposing teams. By working together, the pupils of Greenhill and St Patrick’s are creating their own friendships which should rightly be recognised and celebrated. They are setting a fantastic example for others to follow and long may it continue.’