November 30 2017

Today we are launching a new ‘opinion’ section for the Nil by Mouth website with a contribution from the Scots poet Thomas Clarke.

The aim of this new section is to stimulate debate on the subjects of identity, culture, sport and sectarianism and provide content for many of you who access this website for research purposes. Sectarianism is a topic something which sparks strong emotions in many people in Scotland and we aim to provide a forum  for genuine debate and airing of views.

We have a small editorial committee who will examine contributions and we aim to be as open to discussion as possible. The content will not have to reflect Nil by Mouth’s views on issues and constructive criticism will not be ignored. All we ask is any arguments are put forward in a positive fashion and contributors avoid abuse or innuendo about individuals.

If you would like to contribute something to this section of our website pleased get in touch with our Director Dave Scott at

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