February 13th 2017

Today we are launching a survey to gauge fans opinions on the introduction of ‘Strict Liability’ into Scottish football.

‘Strict Liability’ is the UEFA standard for tackling offensive behaviour at games. Sanctions include fines, closure of sections of grounds, playing matches behind closed doors and docking of league points. A number of Scottish clubs have been sanctioned under the scheme for fan misbehaviour in European matches over the past decade and the English FA introduced ‘Strict Liability’ in 2014. However the Scottish game has, so far, refused to implement these principles domestically and have failed to introduce any sort of sanction of transparent framework for dealing with instances of sectarianism, racist or homophobic abuse at football grounds.

Now James Dornan MSP is bringing forward a private members bill before the Scottish Parliament which, if enacted, would see these principles introduced into the game by law. To help inform the public debate on this issue Nil By Mouth will run a survey over the next ten days asking football fans and members of the public to let us know their views on the measure.

The survey only takes a few moments to complete and your personal details will not be shared with any third party. Responses will, though, be independently verified and analysed by a leading polling company.

* The survey is now closed *