October 16 2017

Pupils from Cairns and St Cadoc’s pose with the Scottish Cup at Hampden

Cambuslang schoolkids have taken part in a European wide campaign to promote inclusion through sport during a special visit to Scotland’s national stadium.

Primary five pupils from Cairns and St Cadoc’s Primaries teamed up with anti-sectarian charity Nil by Mouth at an event at Hampden Park as part of the ‘Football People’ campaign which runs across Europe from the 5th-19th October. ‘Football People’ aims to promote diversity and inclusion as well as challenge prejudice in the game and this year will see more than 100,000 people take part in activity across 43 countries.

The programme was created to help groups across Europe tackle discrimination and promote social inclusion through football. Fourteen grants have been awarded by the FARE Network to initiatives in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Scotland and Ukraine. Nil by Mouth have been selected to represent Scotland and are running a tour of schools, communities and football clubs during the fortnight.

Pupils unite against racism and bigotry

As part of the campaign pupils from the two schools visited the Scottish Football Museum to find out more about the history and evolution of the game and also had the chance to step out onto the Hampden turf and sit in the national team’s dressing room as part of a special behind the scenes tour.  The trip is the latest recognition of the quality of equalities work being carried out by the schools after they were named Nil by Mouth’s ‘Champions for Change’ award winners in 2015.

Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott Said:
‘We are very excited to have been chosen to be part of this European initiative to promote equality through sport, especially given the long term problems Scottish football has had with sectarianism. The pupils and staff at Cairns and St Cadoc’s have been fantastic ambassadors for our cause over the last few years so it was an easy choice to ask them to be our guests at the national stadium for the day. There is so much excellent grassroots work being done by these schools encouraging pupils to learn more about different cultures and traditions and they always seek to use football as something that can bring people together. Over the course of this ‘Football People’ fortnight we will work with over 1,000 people from right across the country and we are thrilled that Cambuslang is being represented by these fantastic children.’