March 13th 2017

NBM Education Officer, Jamie Lithgow, pulls his best funny face along with staff and pupils from the Condarrot Together Project

Pupils from three schools in Condorrat, North Lanarkshire have become the first recipients of Nil By Mouth’s ‘Champions for Change Award’.

Primary 7 pupils from St. Helen’s, Condorrat and Baird Memorial Primary Schools joined forces for the second year in a row to participate in a series of Nil By Mouth run workshops.

Collectively known as ‘The Condorrat Together Project’, pupils then participated in teacher-led workshops to devise their own campaigns for building friendships and tackling sectarianism. One workshop saw pupils design and create friendship bracelets, one saw pupils design a logo to promote their anti-sectarianism work while in the third workshop pupils devised and performed an anti-sectarian rap.

The fruits of the pupils’ labour were put on display during a showcase afternoon for parents at Condorrat Primary on Thursday 9th March. Here the winning logos and wristbands were displayed while pupils from all three schools performed their anti-sectarian rap.

To recognise the fantastic efforts of ‘The Condorrat Together Project’, representatives from Nil By Mouth were on hand to present pupils’ with their richly deserved awards. The three schools are now the first in Scotland to have received the award.

The three schools are now the first in Scotland to have received the new award which celebrates partnership working and collaborative ways of challenging intolerance in society.  A key part of the programme sees pupils from denominational and non-denominational schools link in with the charity to participate in a series of workshops exploring stereotypes, sectarianism, identity and misconceptions about religions and beliefs different to their own.

The programme is backed by The Crerar Hotels Trust who have donated £4,000 towards the scheme. This support allows Nil By Mouth to continue to deliver these kinds of activities to schools free of charge.


Nil By Mouth Education Officer, Jamie Lithgow said:

‘This is my second year working with the ‘Condorrat Together Project’ and I cannot think of a better trio of schools to be the first recipients of the ‘Champions for Change Award’. The enthusiasm and creativity shown by pupils, staff and parents during the project has been second to none. Even better is that this is a legacy project. I am already excited about the possibilities for the raps pupils created and am already looking forward to working with next year’s cohort.’

Headteacher at Baird Memorial Primary School, Gillian Wylie added:

‘Condorrat Together School are delighted to have worked with Nil By Mouth again this year. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the workshops led by Jamie which led to the 3 schools holding activity sessions where all pupils produced a friendship band, a poster and a rap to spread the message that sectarianism is wrong. These were shared at a joint Showcase and leading on from this each school will be displaying their posters and we are hoping to record our raps and make them available to all P7 households.

The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed this project and have learned some very important messages through some fun and enjoyable activities. We hope to continue this work with future P7 classes.’