April 1 2016

Dave joins organisers of event and club representatives at the end of the event.
Dave joins organisers of event and club representatives at the end of the event.

Nil by Mouth recently took its Kiss Bigotry Goodbye’ campaign to the south-west of Scotland as part of the ‘Politics:Through Our Eyes’ festival within the region.

Campaign Director Dave Scott gave a presentation to more than 70 youth players, coaches and staff from Stranraer FC and Queen of the South focusing on the importance of not letting sporting rivalries spill over into hate and the pitfalls of posting sectarian abuse online. Dave talked the group through real life examples which the charity has been involved in and highlighted how easy it is to be found out posting abuse online.

The group then took part in one of the ‘Kiss Bigotry Goodbye’ football quizzes putting their wits against each other prior to their fixture at Stair Park.

Kiss Bigotry Goodbye was launched last year as part of Nil by Mouth’s efforts to focus on the positive power of football and highlight work being down across Scotland to tackle bigotry on, and off, the park.

Dave said:

This has been a smashing event and a brilliant opportunity to reach young people and ensure they are aware of the potential consequences of their actions.

Football can be a brilliant and positive thing and all these young players have the potential to go on to big things in the game. Sadly, one of the pitfalls they can face is online behaviour embarrassing both them and their employers and we are determined to play our part in making sure this doesn’t happen. 

We’ve also enjoyed being part of this festival and would congratulate the many volunteers involved in making it possible.”