24th February 2015uefa-logo

We have today called on Scottish football clubs to sign up to UEFA’s code of conduct for dealing with sectarian, racist and offensive behaviour at games.


Nil by Mouth made the call in the wake of several controversial incidents at Scottish matches.

‘Strict Liability’ is the UEFA standard for tackling offensive behaviour at a football match and sanctions include fines, closure of section of grounds, playing matches behind closed doors and docking of league points. Last summer the English FA successfully introduced Strict Liability whilst the proposals were rejected by Scottish clubs in 2013.

We have written to all 42 SPFL clubs urging them to revisit the proposals at its AGM in May. The charity also called on political parties to unite in support of the plans.

Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott said:
‘We have been calling for a number of years for UEFA’s ‘ strict liability ‘ principles to be introduced into Scottish football and are writing to all SPFL clubs calling on them to bring the proposals back to their AGM in May and vote in favour of it. 

Sectarianism has been a stain on Scottish football for too long and there are moral, economic and sporting reasons for taking this course of action. Our calls also mirror recommendations made by Scottish Government’s Advisory Group on Sectarianism which called on the game to introduce European style sanctions. 

The English FA introduced ‘ strict liability ‘ last year showing that it can be done and we need to follow its example here in Scotland. By voting in favour of these proposals Scottish football has a chance to stand up to be counted and bring the game into the 21st century. ‘