James Kelly welcomes Nil by Mouth to Holyrood
James Kelly welcomes Nil by Mouth to Holyrood

29 June 2015

The work of Nil by Mouth has been the subject of a motion in the Scottish Parliament praising the contribution the charity has made to tackling sectarianism across Scotland.

The motion, lodged by Rutherglen MSP,  James Kelly has attracted more than 50 MSP supporters from across the political spectrum. Mr Kelly has first-hand knowledge of the charity’s work with four schools in his constituency successfully reaching the standard for ‘Champions for Change’ accreditation.

The motion also welcomes the Government’s commitment of funding  to support the charity’s work with schools and employers across 2015/16 and has attracted support from MSPs right across Scotland.

It’s the latest piece of parliamentary recognition for the charity following on from a similar motion congratulating founder Cara Henderson on being named ‘Scotswomen of the Year’ in Feb and then Ms Henderson being invited to address a special conference at Holyrood focusing on engaging young women in politics in March.

The full text of the motion, and its supporters,  is available below:


Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott said

 “It’s heartening for the staff, volunteers and trustees  involved with Nil by Mouth  to see the volume of support we have received in the Parliament and that this comes from all five parties represented in the chamber.

 The anti-sectarian movement has come a long way since Cara founded our charity 15 years ago and one of the key changes has been the appetite of politicians to face up to the fact that we do have a problem. The days of sweeping this issue under the carpet are over.

 We should also remember that this is a battle Scotland is winning and with continued support and encouragement from our political leaders we can eradicate sectarianism within a generation.”