28 June 2015Action on Sectarianism logo


In our first guest post highlighting anti-sectarian projects across Scotland Youthlink’s Sarah Robinson tells us about the Action on Sectarianism website….

Action on Sectarianism is a website which shares information that inspires action on sectarianism across Scotland. It is an online space to learn about sectarianism, take part in discussions and much more.

The website has four tailored channels for children, young people and adults with the fourth login channel specifically for those working towards a Scotland free of sectarianism. These channels play host to interactive activities, polls, discussion forums, more general information and audio visual materials such as videos, music and podcasts.

Action on Sectarianism promotes the work of other projects and organisations tackling sectarianism to a wider audience via the website, twitter and the monthly AoS Newsletter. You can watch or listen to videos and podcasts created by young people taking part in projects as well as use the activity packs or read the reports developed by practitioners working in this field.

AoS team members are regularly out and about making promotional films in partnership with some of the other projects taking this work forward for you to watch and get inspiration from. To watch the videos AoS makes as well as those developed by other projects just visit the interactive zone in any of the channels.

Most importantly, the website shares people’s stories about sectarianism in Scotland, which can be read in the blog or news pages. It works to create a safe space to learn, discuss and share experiences on this sometimes controversial topic in Scotland. It is full of interactive activities that can be done individually or as a group, on computers, laptops, tablets and even smartboards. With up-to-date news, events calendar and more resources including videos and music being added on a regular basis there is something for everyone.

To visit the website go to www.actiononsectarianism.info and for more information please get in touch at info@actiononsectarianism.info. You can also follow us on Twitter @AoSScotland