20th January 2015

People across North Lanarkshire are being encouraged to bin religious bigotry after anti-sectarian campaigners teamed up with a local business and community safety partners to run an awareness campaign in the area.


Glasgow-based vehicle advertising company Agripa hosted a special event at Strathclyde Park on Tuesday, 20th January to launch the as campaign which will be featured on North Lanarkshire Council’s fleet of bin lorries .

Agripa Operations Director David Pitt explained: “While we are obviously a commercial company, we believe in social responsibility.

“To coincide with the forthcoming Old Firm game we have developed a series of anti-sectarian adverts with charities Nil By Mouth and Stand Up To Sectarianism. They will be displayed on the sides of waste vehicles using our unique and highly flexible frame and mounting system.

“We developed this for bin lorries because, of all the public service vehicles on the road, they are the one type which can, quite literally, carry a message to every street in the country.”

The campaign has been supported by North Lanarkshire Council who are using the system on seven of their vehicles and is also being considered for future promotions by the North Lanarkshire Partnership, which brings together council, police and Fire representatives and voluntary bodies in a community safety framework.

Depute Chair of the NLP Board, Cllr Jim Smith: “The partnership was given the opportunity to assist in this campaign and contribute to others at no cost. It is a welcome development which we would hope to support in future.”

Nil by Mouth Campaign Director, Dave Scott said: “This is a very imaginative initiative and we are grateful to North Lanarkshire Council and Agripa for making it happen. People need to think about the consequences of their actions and remember that sporting rivalries don’t need to spill over into hatred. These posters sends out a powerful message and encourage people to consign sectarianism to the dustbin of history.”