3rd November 2014

Nil by Mouth has welcomed the Scottish Parliament’s decision to debate the future direction of anti-sectarian policy.

MSPs to debate Morrow Report
MSPs to debate Morrow Report


Last month the charity wrote to all 128 MSPs urging them to hold the debate into the report of the Scottish Government’s Advisory Group on Sectarianism chaired by Dr Duncan Morrow from the University of Ulster. The report was published in December 2013 and has yet to be scrutinised at Holyrood.

The Report contained a range of recommendations in the areas of government, civic society, football, law enforcement and education. Last week the charity expressed a concern that the Parliament was failing to properly examine the report’s detail and ensure that its recommendations where being implemented.

The debate, led by Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Murray, will take place on Wednesday 5th November at 2:45 PM. It will be the first time the Parliament has debated sectarianism in Scotland since 2006.

Welcoming the victory Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott Said:

We are pleased that politicians have listened to us and this debate will now take place. The Morrow report is the most substantial piece of research ever carried out into sectarianism in Scotland and it deserves to form the basis of a proper and informed debate at Holyrood where a plurality of voices from across the chamber can contribute.

Nearly a year after its publication it will also allow us to take stock of what progress has been made by agencies and groups across Scottish society in implementing its recommendations.’