13th June 2014

Scotland’s leading anti-sectarian organisation Nil By Mouth has responded to the Crown Office’s publication of Hate Crime Statistics in Scotland.  The statistics show that during 2013/14 635 charges were made for religiously aggravated offences. The Report also highlighted the number of charges in 2012/13 stood at 764.  Responding to the publication the charity has renewed its call for a dedicated rehabilitation project for people convicted of sectarian offences.


Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott said:

‘It’s pleasing to see a reduction in the number of arrests for sectarian offences and its always important that we keep sectarianism in perspective. This is a problem we can eradicate within a generation. However, the fact that nearly 1,400 arrests have been made for sectarianism over the past two years underlines the pressing need for a proper rehabilitation or restorative justice model which effectively challenges the attitudes of those convicted. Approximately 40% of those found guilty receive only a fine and that alone won’t challenge their outdated attitudes.