A ground-breaking anti-sectarianism film starring West Lothian school pupils is to receive a special screening at Holyrood today.

MSPs and VIPs have been invited to attend the screening of  ‘Shattered Walls’ which stars pupils from several Armadale schools.

Shattered Walls tells the story a father who is overlooked for a job due to the prejudice of others and focuses on the impact the decision has on his family.

The screening is the latest accolade for the campaigning kids after their film was awarded a prestigious ‘Champions for Change’ award from leading charity Nil By Mouth in April.

Pupils from Armadale, Blackridge Eastertoun, St Anthony’s, Westfield Primary and Windeyknowe Primary Schools along with seniors from Armadale Academy developed the script and performed in the film, produced by Glasgow director Lisa Nicholl.

Nil by Mouth Campaign Director, Dave Scott, said:

“We felt it was important we recognised this film as it focuses on the very real economic and social consequences of sectarian attitudes. It doesn’t sensationalise the issue and reminds us that bigotry runs much deeper than football and Facebook.

“The pupils have been involved in this project from the very start and the film was driven by their view on the issue. The young people of Armadale are part of the generation which will rid Scotland of sectarianism once and for all.”

Producer Lisa Nicholl said:

‘It has been a pleasure working with these schools. The pupils really bought in to what we where trying to achieve. We wanted to tell a very human story, free from sensationalism, highlighting the all too often real consequences of sectarian attitudes.’

Event Sponsor Neil Findlay MSP added:

‘The young people of Armadale are standing up to be counted in the battle against bigotry and we can all learn a lot from them.’