Young people across Scotland are being encouraged to stand up and be counted in the battle against sectarianism. 

The call was made by MSPs as they teamed up with Scotland’s leading anti-sectarianism charity Nil by Mouth (NBM) at an event in Holyrood.

The charity currently offers workshops in schools, colleges and youth groups through its ‘Champions for Change’ scheme which seeks to inspire young people to challenge sectarian attitudes and learn more about other cultures and beliefs.

The project seeks to embed strong anti-sectarian policies, practices and procedures into schools and encourage pupils to set up their own anti-sectarian initiatives.

In all 18 MSPs took time out of their busy schedules to come along to learn more about the charity’s ground breaking work. They included Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham, Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont and Deputy Presiding Officer Elaine Smith.

Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott said:

“Everyone has a part to play in ridding Scotland of bigotry and we have been working with a number of youth groups, schools and colleges right across Scotland.

“It’s a fantastic boost for our cause to have so many MSPs come along to learn more about our work. Several MSPs promised to write to local authorities encouraging them to sign up for our schools programmes.

“By working together we can rid Scotland of sectarianism.”