Leading anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth are offering workshops as part of its ‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ workplace project. The scheme, which has been highly successful since its launch in 2011, has delivered workshops to numerous organisations including Network Rail, Street Leagues, City of Edinburgh Council, the PCS trade union and West Lothian College.

On 16th September the Scottish Government announced, as part of a new package of funding, £112,000 to finance the programme until March 2015.

The programme, which is delivered free of charge provides organisations with a framework to address sectarianism in the workplace and includes advice on policy and procedure, awareness raising workshops and a Line Management Development module.

Campaign Director Dave Scott said:

“Sectarianism in Scotland goes far beyond the football terraces and can be found in our homes, communities and workplaces. Indeed, over recent years we have received a growing number of requests for advice and assistance from employers and staff, across a range of professions.

People should be able to work free from fear or harassment and know their employment prospects will not be harmed because of sectarian attitudes and practices.”

For further information on how your workplace can participate please e-mail us at mail@nilbymouth.org.