3rd November 2011

NBM’s Dave Scott wants politicians to unite on the way ahead
NBM’s Dave Scott wants politicians to unite on the way ahead

As Holyrood prepares to debate bigotry in football, Scotland’s leading anti-sectarianism charity has urged politicians from all parties to unite behind its call for a National Anti-Sectarianism Action Plan.

Nil By Mouth is asking the Government to bring together local authorities, schools, communities, football clubs, charities, workplaces and faith groups to draw up a plan to tackle the root causes of sectarianism.

The charity was set up by teenager Cara Henderson in response to the brutal sectarian murder of her friend Mark Scott in 1996. Since then, the charity has delivered hundreds of workshops in schools, colleges and workplaces across the country and successfully campaigned for tough anti-sectarian laws in 2003.

It recently launched both its ‘Beyond Religion and Belief’ sectarianism in the workplace package and the ‘Champions for Change’ schools charter mark.

Campaign Director Dave Scott said:

“We have said from the very beginning of this process that legislation alone cannot solve this problem.

Sectarianism is not confined to football and Facebook; we have seen it in schools, communities and workplaces across Scotland.

We need to break this depressing cycle of bigotry and to do this we require a wider program of action focusing on education, intervention and rehabilitation.

This can be the generation which finally defeats sectarianism and a bold new National Action Plan will help them do so.

We will meet Ministers later this month to outline how we believe such a program should look and we are keen to seek support from across the political and civic spectrum.

Sectarianism can be defeated if, as a society, we are bold enough to do the right thing.”