Lanarkshire kids are teaming up with Scotland’s leading anti-sectarianism charity to help launch a new educational initiative to tackle religious bigotry.

Nil By Mouth’s accreditation scheme will be launched at Stonelaw High School on Wednesday 12th October 2011 and will feature a range of performances from schools from across South Lanarkshire.

Speakers from Education Scotland and Nil By Mouth will also address councillors, education officials from across the country and invited guests as the charity aims to take its education campaign nationwide.

Campaign Director Dave Scott said:

“We are delighted that South Lanarkshire council have agreed to assist us launch this scheme. The events of recent months have reminded us just how far we still have to go to defeat sectarianism.

Education has to be at the very heart of our efforts and we are hugely excited at the potential of this scheme.

For the first time schools will have a framework to develop their own anti-sectarianism work and we will create, in effect, a charter mark for best practice.

We have created eight areas for accreditation which will promote a holistic approach to tackling sectarianism across a school community. Parents, pupils and teachers will all have a part to play.

By working together we can defeat sectarianism once and for all.”