Fans Survey Launched on Strict Liability

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February 13th 2017 Today we are launching a survey to gauge fans opinions on the introduction of ‘Strict Liability’ into Scottish football. ‘Strict Liability’ is the UEFA standard for tackling offensive behaviour at games. Sanctions include fines, closure of sections … Continued

Scottish Football Urged to Give Fans the Vote on ‘Strict Liability’

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12 January 2016 Anti-sectarian campaigners today called on Scottish football clubs to give fans a say on the game signing up to UEFA’s code of conduct for dealing with sectarian, racist and offensive behaviour at games. Nil by Mouth made … Continued

Football Fans Stand up to be Counted

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October 16th 2015 Note: This article was originally published by Third Force News on October 12th 2015 Football isn’t the main cause of sectarianism in Scotland. That’s the message of the latest charity campaign to take social media by storm. … Continued

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