I don’t know if she was purposefully putting him on the spot, but just recently someone asked one of our very new volunteers –

“So how do you go about impacting change within an established society which has very ingrained beliefs and views?”

Without even a moment of hesitation he grinned and said “education, education, education.”

At Nil By Mouth we run an school accreditation scheme to recognise best practice in challenging sectarianism. We also provide workshops and assemblies FREE of charge to schools interested in raising awareness of sectarianism within our modern society by taking part in our Champions For Change Award.

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To find out how your school can take part contact us at education@nilbymouth.org or 0141 418 7194


Nil By Mouth currently offer their services free of charge. However, should you wish to donate to the charity you can do so by clicking the ‘Donate’ button or contact us directly. Donations we receive will enable us to deliver in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces without cost for as long as possible.

Thank You.