Book Week Stramash at Netherdale

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November 3rd 2015 Football and literary fans from across the South of Scotland will be given the chance to ‘Kiss Bigotry Goodbye’ later this month as part of Book Week Scotland. On Saturday 28th November at 2pm author Daniel Gray brings his unique combination of football, … Continued

Football Fans Stand up to be Counted

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October 16th 2015 Note: This article was originally published by Third Force News on October 12th 2015 Football isn’t the main cause of sectarianism in Scotland. That’s the message of the latest charity campaign to take social media by storm. … Continued

Nil by Mouth Founder Speaks at ‘Inspiring Women’ Event at Holyrood

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September 29 2015 Note: This article was originally published by The Evening Times on March 24th 2015 INSPIRING women and more than 100 schoolgirls joined forces at the Scottish Parliament in a bid to beat sexism. Evening Times Scotswoman of … Continued

Guest Blog: It’s Time To Reclaim Our Game

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19 August 2015 So goes legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly’s most famous quote. It’s a sentiment, adopted freely by many, which troubles me about our relationship with sport. Some of the most deep-seated, poisonous problems which infect our society are … Continued

Are You Pitch Perfect?

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14 August 2015 Pitch Perfect is an exciting marketing competition which gives further and higher education students the opportunity to create and design their very own anti-sectarian awareness campaign. The students involved can opt to use cutting edge technologies or … Continued

Communities Encouraged to show ‘Sense over Sectarianism’

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7th August 2015 Schools and communities across West Central Scotland are being encouraged to stand up and be counted in the battle against sectarianism. The call was made by leading anti-sectarianism campaigners Nil by Mouth as the charity helped promote … Continued

Guest Blog: Action on Sectarianism Website

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28 June 2015   In our first guest post highlighting anti-sectarian projects across Scotland Youthlink’s Sarah Robinson tells us about the Action on Sectarianism website…. Action on Sectarianism is a website which shares information that inspires action on sectarianism across … Continued

Bosses Urged to Fight Sectarianism

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18th May 2015 The battle against religious bigotry at work will be the focus of the first ever national conference on tackling sectarianism in Scottish workplaces next month. Nil by Mouth will hold its ‘ Beyond Religion & Belief’ conference … Continued

Sports Students Spurred To Tackle Sectarianism

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1st April 2015 Scotland’s leading anti-sectarian charity, Nil By Mouth, has been delivering workshops to the next generation of coaches at Ayrshire College’s Townholm campus, in order to provide them with the insights, techniques and strategies they will need in … Continued

Sectarianism thrives when it is left to lurk in shadows

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by Dave Scott, published in the Inside Track, Herald, Friday 3 January 2014 Last month saw the publication of the long awaited Morrow Report providing Scottish Ministers with advice and perspective on the future direction of anti-sectarianism policy. One of … Continued

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